Turnkey services

Turnkey services

Design - Engineering projects
Real Estate management - After-sale service
Execution of works

Design, projects and commercial furniture


We have a design team that offers the latest trends in design and "visual merchandising". Our professionals are always ready to advise you on your concept to guarantee a perfect match with the market demand and the success of your development projects.
  • Corporate image design
  • Implementation design
  • Furniture design


Engineering project

Our engineers ensure the integral management, monitoring and obtaining the legal procedures.
  • Works project
  • Business activity project
  • Electrical project implementation and legalization of the installation
  • Business activity licence


Execution of works

  • We select the most technically proficient partners
  • We guarantee contractual delivery times, working with maximum planning
  • We track and report on the progress of the works on a weekly basis
  • We offer the best quality details and finishes

Real estate management

Real Estate management

We collaborate with the best real estate consultants in order to help our clients find the best location and the ideal location respecting the requirements of each brand.
  • Commercial premises in retail parks and shopping centres
  • Commercial premises on the high street

After sale

After-sale service

  • Offering a total, efficient and fast maintenance service.
  • Helping you to keep your point of sale always in perfect condition.


Retail services in Europe

Alma is a company specialized in Retail services for the expansion projects management of commercial brands in Europe.
    We have work teams in:
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Italy